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Our Features.

Beginner or Advanced, we cater to every person's needs.

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Release Information

Early links, variants, you name it. Our staff are specialized in providing information for each release including sitelists.

Fast Monitors

Our monitors are one of the top providers in the game! We offer from SNKRS to Shopify, we monitor basically everything to ensure you will not miss a restock.


With our connections, you will never miss a surprise drop again. No more sleeping and missing out on releases. We got you covered.

Friendly Community

SoleSociety is a great community, either to talk about sneakers or just about anything, you're covered. Our community is very welcoming. We don't bite!

Custom Monitors

Custom set of Monitors for specific releases. We offer SNKRS, Adidas, Footsites, Nordstrom, Finishline, Shopify, SoleBox and More. In addition to these monitors, we offer "release monitors", Those monitors will only monitor a certain shoe. No more of getting spammed with notifications for random restocks!

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Sole Proxies

We offer many features, one of them being Sole Proxies. Members get to purchase high quality ISPs & EDU Proxies for a stable price. We offer these proxies exclusively for the group to keep it limited.

Server Building


After getting invited to over 10 cook groups and leaving majority of them ive finally found one that offers everything im looking for and more. very friendly staff members along with quick responses from other group members. very happy i came across this cook group when i did! it has helped me advance my botting skills 100%. i can finally go into a drop feeling comfortable im going to hit.

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Would recommend to anybody who is looking for a good group for how much it is worth. $20 is a steal for what its worth, as there is free aco's run by Kev on bots like Kodai. It has everything you are looking for, and this group is easily the best group for what is it worth. Friendly staff who don't get annoyed when you are too many questions, and help setup for every single drop, on the most popular bots. If you think $20 is too much to spend, then you shouldn't be getting into sneakers, but this is the place to go for releases, and more!

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100/10 would recommend. Been in this group since the beginning and it has by far been the best group I’ve been in especially for the price. Staff is very friendly, highly responsive and reply to any and all questions typically within minutes of not instantly. Guides are extremely in depth for both bot users and manual users. The Staff was incredible teaching me how to not when I first started and I can now efficiently cook pairs on almost every drop.

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Increadibly great group. Joined a little over a month ago, and this has by far been the best cg for 20 bucks. They have great monitors, Low key flips, brick flips and info about everything. One thing I especially love is the free aco. Kev is a goat, hitting on the free aco for me. This is an amazing cg, the best I’ve ever been in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from Potential Members.

Yes, you can do so through the dashboard.

Yes, our group is for all people. No matter if you're new or a pro.

We are powered by Discord. Please login to your discord account and find the SoleSociety Server.

We do not offer refunds or cancellations.